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Physiotherapy is a natural treatment that uses the body's natural adjustment mechanisms to evaluate and treat physical function disorders.

Physiotherapy activates the body's own self-healing potential through stimuli to which a person is inherently sensitised, such as movement (active and passive), pressure and tension, heat, cold, light.


Massages would have been liked by Paracelsus, Samuel Hahnemann and Reverend Kneipp - at least they came highly recommended in their works. Massages belong to the oldest form of human healing.

A massage can be either relaxing, pain-relieving or invigorating and help us to regain our inner and outer balance when the flow of our life energies has stalled.

We specialise in orthopaedics, rheumatology, surgery, traumatology, lymphology and neurology.

Group sessions

Monday 18.00 - 18.50
No courses at the moment
No courses at the moment


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About me

Yvonne Romey
Yvonne Romey
Medical massage therapist
Specialist Advanced
My daily motivation are the pleasure of working as a physiotherapist and the aim to help people individually to achieve self regulation.

My background

From an early age on I had a strong interest in the human body and natural medicine. After completing my vocational training as a massage therapist I moved directly to physiotherapy.

I completed several further training courses, including manual therapy & lymph drainage, foot reflexology & Tibetan honey massage. At the same time I gained professional experience in practices and spa facilities, from the North Sea island of Amrum to the beautiful Swiss canton of Grisons.

My physiotherapeutic activity is based on the model of Spiraldynamik® developed by physician Dr. med. Ch. Larsen together with physiotherapist Yolande Deswarte. After completing my Advanced Diploma in Spiraldynamik® in autumn 2010, I worked for 3 for years at the Spiraldynamik® Med Center in Basel.

Private life

Born and raised near Göttingen, I have lived in Freiburg im Breisgau for over 20 years, together with the programmer of this website. In 2014 we bought one half of an old house in the outskirts of Freiburg and since then leisure time has been scarce and our life resembles a construction site.

When we are not renovating, I like to travel to the south of France in our VW bus called Rudi and roam through nature on foot, by bike or on the back of an Icelandic horse.


Maura Kessler Physiotherapist
Maura Kessler
Physio­therapist B. sc.
Swanhild Braun Physiotherapist
Swanhild Braun
Meegan Hostettler Bewegungspädagogin Pilatetrainerin
Meegan Hostettler
gymnastics coach
Pilates instructor

Our Practice

The practice is centrally located in Kleinbasel opposite the train station Badischer Bahnhof, on the border between Wettsteinquartier and Hirzbrunnenquartier, only a 1 minute's walk from Badischer Bahnhof. Parking is available in the car park 50 m away.


The practice is completely barrier-free and offers on over 160 square metres spacious, bright, and quiet individual treatment rooms as well as a large room for group sessions.

Sessions at home in the surrounding areas of the practice are possible with medical prescription.


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Patients with medical prescription:
The treatment costs are paid / reimbursed by every Swiss health insurance fund (Krankenkasse, Grundversicherung) or compensation insurance.
Patients without medical prescription:
Physiotherapy, classic massage, sports massage, connective tissue massage, and aromatherapy massage
Manual lymphatic drainage
Foot reflexology
Posture and movement training / Spiraldynamik®
3D stretch massage / Spiraldynamik®
For all direct payment services: 1 FREE session for the purchase of a 10 sessions pack!
Group sessions
* patients / students (school & uni) / IV recipients with proof

Please note: If you are unable to keep an agreed appointment for physiotherapy or massage, we ask you to cancel the treatment appointment at least 24 hours* before the start of treatment.
If you cancel later or do not take advantage of the treatment without cancellation, and we are unable to book the treatment appointment elsewhere, we unfortunately have to charge you privately for the treatment costs.
Cancellations are also possible via answering machine, the tape is also played on the weekend.
*Exception: acute illness of the own person.

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Yvonne Romey
Rosentalstrasse 70
4058 Basel
Telefon: +41 61 691 13 66
Mobile: +49 173 922 81 92

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